Committed to Ending Violence on White Ribbon Day

With White Ribbon Day acknowledged on Saturday 25 November, BaptistCare is encouraging all people to show their commitment to ending violence against women.

“The issue of domestic and family violence in Australia is significant – it is greater than BaptistCare could ever have anticipated when we first began working in this area over 30 years ago,” said Rob Ellis, BaptistCare General Manager Community Services.

“It is not ok that one woman each week is being murdered by their current or former partner. It is not ok that women and their children are being terrorized day after day; controlled, manipulated and abused.”

“Any event or milestone that asks our communities to pause, and to take notice of what is happening with regard to the use of violence and control in relationships, is worthwhile,” he said.

BaptistCare’s film series about domestic and family violence makes it clear that the organisation is committed to sharing their expertise around this topic.

“As you hear in our video series, it’s not enough to just be aware that violence happens. We need to look at our attitudes and beliefs about gender; about power … we have a culture that thinks that violence is ok. We can all start here, by reexamining how we, and the men around us, speak to and treat the women in our lives,” said Mr Ellis.

“You may not think there is anything you can do to stop domestic and family violence. There is. Please do not underestimate the role you can play, as you model appropriate behaviour and relationships to your children, or as you step up and call out words, actions and behaviour that is not appropriate.”

This year, White Ribbon’s focus is on people recognising their role to STOP; See, Talk, Offer Support and Prevent. The White Ribbon website has a number of resources for people wanting to know more about recognising violence, and how to step in to protect someone or offer them support.

As part of BaptistCare’s ongoing commitment to address domestic and family violence in communities, the organisation was accredited as a White Ribbon Workplace at both its Head Office and all Community Services sites in 2016. That the accreditation process is now being widened to include the organisation’s aged care operations.

In the month of December, BaptistCare will also launch its own domestic and family violence training via its online learning platform, for all staff to access.

White Ribbon Day is held on 25 November each year, in recognition of the United Nations’ International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women.

Click here to read more about BaptistCare’s domestic and family violence services.

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