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Ways To Respond

If you think you’re a victim of domestic violence, these resources will assist you to take the first step in understanding your situation and what you can do about it.

If you’re concerned about a friend, family member, colleague, or just someone you know, you can help them. Not everyone can be an expert in domestic violence, but there are little things you can do.

Make yourself available, in a quiet and private location.
Listen and encourage them to talk about their concerns.
Resist the temptation to tell someone what they should do.
Ask about their immediate safety, including the safety of any children.
Ask the person what support they have available (i.e. friends, family, or professional support).
Refer the person to a specialist support.
Believe the person’s story and reassure them that it is not their fault.
When it is appropriate, check in and see how the person is going.

Use these referral sources to
better understand the situation and
what your options are.

Explore your referral options